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By July 9, 2011Events

ImprovEffect & AIGA Jacksonville

Guest blog post by Sarah Harper

I recently went to a fascinating workshop,  “Creativity and Innovation within Teamwork”, held by Improveffect and the Jacksonville chapter of AIGA. The purpose was to use a series of activities and Improv Comedy to help tackle issues in the business world such as creative problem solving, creative collaboration, successful teamwork as well as tapping into your playful side.

I was very intrigued since I had been attending Improv Comedy shows while in New York City this spring. I could imagine how Improv could help you become a quick thinker and more comfortable with speaking in public but not sure how it could be applied to the business world. All I could imagine was doing some Improv comedy at a business meeting or an interview, and I was sure that wasn’t quite the right application.

The leader of the workshop, who also happens to be the owner, Jessie Shternshus, led us through a series of interactive exercises that to us were just a bunch of fun, but they were all geared to teach us specific skills, which she made sure to talk about with us at the end. I found myself throwing an imaginary ball and making odd noises, giving definitions to imaginary words, telling stories and even coming up with product campaigns! Most of these would have been completely embarrassing for most people (including myself) to do in front of a large group of people, but Jessie made sure to teach us the importance of supporting others ideas and the members of AIGA are awesome, so I felt comfortable and was able to explore my creativity.

Since the workshop, I have been able to utilize most of the skills I learned in social and business situations. The next workshop ImprovEffect is holding will be “Make your Message Stick: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills“, on Saturday, July 23 · 10:00am – 12:00pm. I’m super excited.

The next AIGA Jacksonville event is The Morning Leak, a mixer in the AM to find out what inspirational and innovative projects fellow creatives are working on. It’s Wednesday, July 13 · 7:30am – 9:00am.

 Guest blog post by Sarah Harper