Brilliant Brainstorming & Rocking Results Roundtable

By December 22, 2012Events, Marketing
Jacksonville Internet Marketing Meetup

For those of you who may not have heard, this group’s previous organizer Michelle Chance-Sangthong has passed the torch of this MeetUp group to me, Kenny Harper, to continue it’s efforts. You can learn more about me on my LinkedIn profile if you’d like.

To start off the New Year and a new era of this MeetUp our first meeting of 2013 will be focused on sharing ideas to:

  • Determine Topics for Upcoming MeetUps
  • Develop Strategies for Growing the Group
  • Utilize Our Group’s Talents for a Joint Effort
  • Develop Membership Roles to Get Members More Involved
  • and more…

Also so we have some education in the MeetUp I’ll be sharing 10 Great Online Marketing finds of 2013. (as determined by group members)

– – –

This meeting will be key in how this MeetUp will develop in the upcoming year. Start the year off right by coming to the first meeting of 2013 and getting involved.

  • If you have been visiting regularly, be sure to make this meeting.
  • If you have not visited in awhile, be sure to make this meeting.
  • If you have joined the group and never visited, be sure to make this meeting.

– –

***Looking for Volunteers:***

I’m looking for volunteers to contribute towards doing some outreach and promotion of the group. Please contact me through MeetUp for more details.